Friday, December 10, 2010

Big News Guys...

Okay, so yes. This is my SECOND blog in one day......but i'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.
into theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee most amazing place.

wanna know what I love about it? (besides everything...)

  • off campus location (no more pot smoking roomates for me)
  • close to campus (as in I can see the music building from my porch. that's right. my porch :D )
  • our kitchen has a stove, oven, and a dishwasher. dishwashers=blessed.
  • my queen size bed. all to myself.
  • my closet space. picture will explain...

cute, right?? my closet space is the best...and yes. we have christmas lights.
christmas, christmas, christmsas....
we are excited. there is even a little tree in our living room. oh yeah, by we, I mean....

again, cute. :) emily is a vocal major, and the best thing ever?? SHE CAN COOK! such good food. 
that's her dog esaw, who happens to look just like my dog, kisses! he only has one eye, but he's super sweet. a little full of gas at times...but hey, who can complain? 
I almost forgot. 
wanna know the BEST part about living above a coffee shop???? 

AGAIN....cute. :)

His name is Joe..
...more commonly known as Joseph the Latte Boy.
A song which I take great pride in singing to him. 
p.s. he's even cuter when he blushes ;)
Disclaimer: (that is hot chocolate in my cup, I hot chocolate EVER.)
bottom line....
I'm happy:)
come visit!! 

One gypsy princess jumping on the bed...

...........she fell off and bumped her...
It's a true story guys. Technically, I snapped a few tendons-but whatever. It still hurt like a mo fo. I bet you're all dying to know what happened, so here is my epic story. My roommate  Heather and I were watching the local news. There were some creepy abduction stories going on, so we both went to bed slightly paranoid. Around midnight right as i'm about to fall asleep, my fan decides to fall down. Perfect. It crashes into my window, making it sound like someone was literally trying to bust in and kill me. I launched out of my bed, and landed wrong. When I landed...I knew I was screwed. The next morning, I tried to get out of bed and walk. Really, really, really bad idea. So I hopped, yes, literally hopped to the doctor and got my meds, AND my spiffy little boot :) I'm doing much better now, so never fear. 

Downside to snapping my tendons.... :(

Plus side to snapping my tendons.... :)

disclaimer: the little boy kept staring at me like I was some crazy lady. I truthfully wasn't. Heather had to slow down to walk with me...but I think the look on his face is priceless.

That's all for now :)