Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Update!

Christmas time is over. I must admit that my Christmas was fantastic! Something about being with my family, is so special. These are the cute snowmen that me and my mommy made together.....
we made 175 of them to be exact...and it was really fun :) she is so crafty. I love my mother! 

This Christmas I went to see the dancing light house with my friends. The house that hosted the lights went ALL out, and did a great job. I pretty much love Christmas lights, it's my favorite thing ever.
look how fantastic the house looks? It was synchronized to music and pretty much put us all in a trans. That's also the sunset on the way to see the editing was done to that picture. just plain Idaho beauty!

One of the best parts of my Holiday was having my cousins come from Hawaii. My cousin has two beautiful babies, one is a newborn, and one is two. Madison is the precious newborn, and Kayla is the talkative two year old. She is so entergetic, and loves me. It's girls like her that make me want children, NOW. 
here she is checking out my mom's village. Its a little winter wonderland for her :)
I love her. So much <3 

I need to point out a very important fact. I have never had a bunch of really close girlfriends I can count on. I've had a few that have stuck around, but they move, or most of them really come and go. It's been something that's been hard on me, but I think i've finally found a solution. Her name, Is Aimee Volmer. She is literally my other half. She makes me so happy, and we  do everything together!! We've been through the exact same relationships, and she understands me. I know it sounds like we're in a relationship, but haha we kid of are!! The bestfriend kind! She is so awesome.There is nothing left to say, besides the fact that she's honstely going to be my maid of honor when i get married in a few years..... :) oh, and I have REALLY relied so much on her the past four months. 

my new years was awesome. I had some friends get married in Rupert and got to travel there for their reception. It was beautiful, and I bawled all the way through it, of course. :) I got to spend time with my really good friend devin, and spent new years eve with his family watching movies like jurrassic park and war of the worlds...while making delicious smores and practicing my perfect picth (which really is perfect...not kidding. I even called his dad's electric toothbrush. Yeah, I felt pretty cool) :)

And...for the most exciting news. I have a boyfriend. I never thought I'd get over how incredibly crushed I was from my ex-fiance....but this boy right here has given me new hope. :) 

yes, thats skype.
his name is Cody Haley. 
we went to highschool together, and were bestfriends the whole way through.
ok--bestfriends meaning we would fight every day. 
but then we'd eat lunch together and make up. 
he's incredible.
words can't describe how happy he makes me....


he's flying me to texas to see him, next week :) 
yep. TEXAS.
88 degree weather.
I can't wait.
 he's awesome.
i'm so incredibly lucky.
we'll see what happens.....

& I'll keep you all posted.
<3 <3 

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  1. Tonya my love, I am so happy for you. I am so glad that things are looking up. I was worried about you before break, but I can see that my worries were for naught. Have fun in Texas and enjoy the warm weather extra for me! Hugs and LOVES!