Sunday, October 23, 2011

Summer Review/Fall Preview.

you would all be here for 9 years if I told you everything about my summer....

pictures are worth 1,000 here are the pictures, and less words :) 

A- Aimee became my roomate. We had some epic times together. 

B- my beautiful friend helped me believe in myself, and talked me through some hard times. 

C- we chased ducks around the river for my big 20th birthday :)

D- did some absolutely crazy things with this kid right here...including flash mob, and epic bonfires.

E- attended my BEAUTIFUL sisters wedding. It was absolutely perfect!! 

F-frolicked through some fields with my dear friend megan...she came to play at the wedding with me! 

G- got to meet the mysterious joseph anderson #2 that I accidentally started writing. we met up at lagoon for an entire day. he's not as cool as joseph anderson #1, but what can ya do;)

H- had a GREAT time at cherry hill that same weekend....I love love love waterparks.

I- I lost some weight....(if you couldn't tell from the previous picture) ;)

J-leaned how to juggle. It's true. I now have a stupid human trick. so pleased with myself. 

K- contemplated killing myself on a daily basis when I got a job at Denny's. WORST. JOB. EVER. Good experience though. 

L- learned how to be happy on my own. And as soon as I did.....

M- I met the most amazing person in the entire world. Well to me anyways.... :)

N, M,- nobody in the world has ever meant this much to me.  

O.P.-  O.P. stands for the most amazing present David could have ever bought protector. Optimus Prime:)

P also stands for me pitching some tents and camping in a SWAMP with David's family...

Q & R- once fall approached, he asked the most important question he ever could have asked. 

s,t,u,v, w,x, Y- hahaha of course I skipped the rest of the alphabet and went right to Y....and said Yes. I'm engaged. :) We don't know a lot of details yet, but we do know that we are gonna be together...forever. 
this princess found her prince. :) and i'd say it's high time!!

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