Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who made you King of Anything?

Hola, Blogger world! Or should I say Gutentag! (In honor of my German class.) It's been such an interesting month at college! I can hardly believe October is already here. Time flys when your keeping yourself busy! My four hour a day practice sessions are making me go insane, in the best way possible. My days are filled with music, and lately i've been starting to dream in German. So! Things are going well...although Thanksgiving break can't come soon enough ;)

A few weeks ago I had the AWESOME opprotunity to see Sara Bareillies! Front row seats. For real, I kid you not. She has been my idol for the longest time! Honestly, since my freshman year of high school since "Love Song" came out, i've been a sara junkie. She was incredible live, and it was needless to say that I cried while she played Gravity. Such an inspiring artist. I'm going to be just like her someday.

Exciting news!I got a job as a DJ :) I work for DJ Audio Star on the weekends, playing music at dances, weddings, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The weddings are the best, although i've learned there is an insanely distinct difference between Mormon weddings, and non LDS weddings. In all honesty, the Non religious ones offer so much entertainment. The harder they drink, the harder they dance! Haha!

I'm going to wrap up this post with my funny section: There is an awesome boy I work with, whose name is Eric. Apparently, he was long time friends, with MY best friend Jessica. They graduated together, after passing zoology as a team, and Jessica promised me that she's the only reason he graduated! Haha! It's so funny that I don't know him, because after talking to him, he's one of those people that knows all my friends, yet i've never met him. During our chat behind the DJ stand, he convinced me to come on a date with him. The only way I agreed to go though, was if he would agreed to go to church with me on sunday :) (such a clever girl) He agreed, and so we went on a date. During the day, we went to the zoo with Jessica and her nephews and neices. It was super fun, and I had the time of my life immitating the Peacocks. For all of you who don't know me? Peacock=Tonya's signature sound. So convicing. You have no idea. :)

So anyways, Saturday night comes around and I meet his roomate Kadon, and his lady, Aimee. We're driving around and no one will tell me what we're going to do. We go to Famous Daves (AMAZING food p.s.) and then Eric tells me he has "something special" planned. Unfortunatly, his idea of something special, was my worst nighmare.

Dr. Slaughters.

Um...............NOT A CHANCE.

As a small child of eleven years old, I had the WORST experiance in that place ever. I got lost, and ended up geting seperated from my group. I wound up in the arms of a stranger: some 30 year old woman I had no idea who she was. I clung to her and cried the rest of the way through. I don't get a thrill out of those houses, soooo I promised I'd never never NEVER go back. I debated with them for an hour about why I couldn't and wouldn't go. Finally they gave up, and we decided to go back to Eric's hose. On the way back there, we switch radio stations to Sunny 94.3. The announcer was advertising free tickets to Dr. Slaughters of course. Eric was being all sorts of cocky and saying, I'm gonna text in and win! To counter act his cockyness (stupid idea tonya, STUPID) I was like, "Hey, Eric. If you win tickets? I'll go." Ha. Stupidest thing to say in my life. He texted in from his work phone and his personal phone. There are a TON of people in idaho falls, guys. Come on what were the chances of him winning. Right? Right???? WRONG.

The kid didn't win one set of tickets. No. He won tickets off of BOTH phones. Four freaking sets of tickets. I hated my life. To make matters worse, Eric was laughing so hard when we went to pick up the tickets he could hardly stand up straight. The radio announcer thought it was so funny, he decided to post our story one the air! Perfect. So, if any of you thought you heard me two weeks ago? Yeah. That was me. Haha. Needless to say, I chickened out. Started crying. Ah. Completely pathectic. I promised Eric that i'd go the week after........being last weekend. Once again, no go. But I did make insane progress! I made it to the gate. Haha! Knowing my luck, an actual slasher is gonna slip into one of those houses the second I actually get the guts to go in.

Hmmmm. I think I'll stay away from those for a while. I'm still trying to drink some "Man the heck up juice." Haha. We have allllllll season to break me of my fears.

:) later skaters!


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